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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to tell a friend she has made a fashion error??

Tips from: The Girls' Book Of Glamour.

Are you too shy to tell your friend that her buttons are buttoned up wrongly? Don't be- she'll be less embarrassed if a good friend tells her straight away!

Handy Hints:
1. Complement your friend on how she has handled the situation..
2. Point out how great her taste in clothes is so who cares if anyone laughed?
3. Change the subject ASAP!!!

Things to AVOID:
1. Any kind of laughter - this will only draw attention to the problem.
2.Telling other people first - this is a quick end to your friendship.
3. Doing an impression of how embarrassed.

I hope this helps x JB xXx

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just some pic's xXx

<<<<<<<< these shorts are PERFECT for the summer as they are high waisted and are PERFECTLY comfy !! x

Sorry !

Sorry guys,

Haven't updated for a while I have been off sick ! But I am back and ready to rock ! Going to have some pictures updated for you to look at and enjoy and REMEMBER the deadline for the latest competition is due in on the 1st of May !

Good Luck x JB xXx

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pictures :)

This is a picture that i found that you might enjoy !
<<< This is a really nice colour for the summer !

If I Stand On My Tippytoes I Can See The Weekend!

This week has gone really quickly, and to think only last week this blog was up and running ! Yesterdau was the Mid Week Treat, I hope this helped towards your desining and making your self looking Fabulous !! Remember the competion! It is due in on the 1st of May so get your entries IN !! Here is a tip ... I am looking for 2 types of designs BOLD and subtle. I want it to be inspired by SUMMER ! Don´t make it boring make it look interesting and nice ! Hope this helps JB xXx

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mid Week Treat !

As you may not know, every wednesday I post a Mid Week Treat! This weeks mid treat is all about contrasts and colours being put together ! Yellow and purple are really nice colours that go together, also green and orange and yellow is a nice mix, navy and white is nice also but this can sometimes be quite plain so add some accessories to go with the outfit! Also brown and creams go nicely together but like I said before this can be sometimes plain so add some accessories to go with it too ! On the designing side of things go with BIG and BOLD colors for exotic designs but if your going for the subtle but cute designs go for pale colours and brown ! Hope you enjoyed this weeks Mid Week Treat JB xXx

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday blues....

Now that the weekend is over everyone is getting the monday blues!
Even though mondays are not very fun you can always look foward to the weekend...
Think about all the fun things you can do and even decide what your going to wear too!!

Keep your hopes up !! JB xXx

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We love what ??

I want to know what you like to wear and how you wear it ! And how you put a stamp on your style !

Let me know and if you put a great idea on you can be on our top design for the month x

Lots of love and support JB x