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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Friday Feeling!

Everyone is soo looking foward to Friday! The end of a week and a start to the weekend!
But the one thing that is on your mind is.. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???
Well let me see...
If you are going to hit the town with your girlfriends then wear something spontaneous but cute !
Pumps jeans bangles slim fitted top and a nice flash jacket and your ready to rock and roll !
But if your having a chill out day wear something comfortable! Baggy top jeggings a jumper your hair down and pumps or trainers and you will look ace !
Hope this helps your fabulous weekend :) JB x

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What is in right now

Navy and Creams are a must have. Strips and pumps are a major accessory. Add you outfit with some bangles and necklaces (gold) and you will look AMAZING X Because summer is coming up. Short shorts are in with bright colours. I recommend H&Ms they have some nice summer shorts in there Orange yellow and blue short shorts. But if you don't like showing your legs off get some nice quarter length jeans which is also in H&Ms too. I hope this helps to keep you up to date with the latest fashion x JB x

It's all about the COLOURS !

When you want to make a design that is bold use light and exquisite colours like a nice hot pink or bright radiant yellow and a bright orange and a nice valentines red ! But if you are going for subtle but brilliant colours go for green or dark blue and add Accessories remember the rule if you want to look nice add some spice! Accessories are the key to success! I hope this helps a lot x JB x

Hiya Guys !

Hi everyone!
This is my new website, you might have seen my other website www.jazzybeardesigns.webs.com
That website has all of my designs on, but this website is all about you sharing your ideas and all of your designs and also for me to help you design including some very useful tips.